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paper, water, ink wash, pencil
communal washing place, Mazzano Romano, Italy

The installation at the communal washing place, lavatoio, consists of 32 portraits of hands of people l met in Mazzano in summer 2017.

Every day, you shape your life with your hands, and life shapes them. Many people in Mazzano have done manual labor most of their lives. Their hands are beautiful: their fingers are like roots or branches, or like claws of vultures.

Washing laundry outdoors by hand is a heavy manual task that leaves its marks on your hands. Many of the hands that I have drawn have been washing laundry at the old lavatoio, decades ago, when it was still in use. Back then they placed their wet hands in the exact same place on the edge of the pool where I have now placed the wet drawings.

Thank you:
Leonina, Leonardo, Simone, Tito, Gigi, Rigi, Daniele, Werner, Riikka, Cai, Christel, Carla, Paolo, Gaia, Francesca, Franco, Valeria, Anna, Lina, Fabrizio, Alberta, Roberta, Giovanni, Elisa, Odietta, David, Domenico, Dorin, Rocco, Pino, Eliseo; Milla Eklund

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)