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I'm a Finnish visual artist, working mostly with with text-based, participatory installations, performances and objects. I'm interested in exploring how language is formed and used, how we construct and understand our 'selves', and how we exist as social creatures in connection with each other and in society.

My works are often site-responsive, drawing their inspiration from the social, aesthetic or historical conditions of a specific place or situation. I like to create settings in which a work can develop and take its form through audience participation.

My works are in their expression quite minimal and visually humble. Partly it's because often a big part of the visual elements in my art are in the textual part of the work: the visual images are created and communicated through text. On the other hand, I like making works that seem like small gestures but offer a lot of things and ideas to unfold and think about if the viewer is interested in looking into them. And, I place increasingly more value on not making artworks that would accumulate into an unnecessary material burden.