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three carved wooden plates and three examples
of frottages, one from each plate

Respiration, 25x25cm
Phonation, 25x25cm
Articulation, 45x45cm

Yantra is a type of a image used in many Indian and Tibetan religious traditions and holds a central role in Tantric tradition. It's an seemingly abstract image; a mental mindmap and a guide to religious practice.

Before printed texts and images became available to common people in India and Tibet, it was customary that when one went on a pilgrimage, one brought with oneself a piece of cloth or paper. When one arrived at the pilgrimage site, one could make frottages from a carved stone. Making the frottage was a way for the common people to receive exact copies of sacred or otherwise important texts and images.

The three wood carvings are based on medical drawings found in the internet. The found drawings represent the human articulation system and the movements of the larynx while breathing and speaking. Like mantras, the drawings are also seemingly abstract: as just images, they may create connotations in the viewer's mind, but their real meanings open up only to those who know what the images represent.